2009-05-30 09:28 am
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The Backstory

Hi! I thought I'd say a few things about myself, beyond what I wrote in my profile.

I'm a twenty-something year old writer who resides in Maryland, home of Old Bay and the nation's worst baseball team Baltimore Orioles.

Telling stories and sharing my thoughts has always been who I am. I've found journals from when I was eight; what I wrote was often not very legible and didn't always make sense, you couldn't deny that I loved every minute of it. But they were mostly mindless doodles - my longest stories were about five paragraphs long.

It wasn't until I was older that I really began to write. In 8th grade we had creative writing incorporated into our curriculum, so I started writing a lot more because of that. My stories were mostly based on what we had read in class.

I now write a lot, having finished a  few short pieces and working on a few ideas. One of them will eventually "win" the novel race, or so I hope. I also recently completed a creative nonfiction course, which was a journey because I'm not used to writing creative nonfiction. I wrote about people I knew as a kid, but those stories were more like fictionalized stories loosely based on actual people. I was nervous about writing nonfiction at first, but came to realize it comes more naturally than I thought.

I'm looking forward to seeing where I go with this new blog. :)